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Meeting the challenges of medication non-adherence

Medication non-adherence is a serious, widespread issue that impacts clinical outcomes and contributes to rising healthcare costs. In fact, 20-30 percent of prescriptions written are never filled by patients and around half of all medications for chronic conditions are not taken as prescribed. As a result of this non-adherence, patients may experience preventable complications, disease progression, acute events and hospitalizations.

How does Whole Health Pharmacy overcome non-adherence?

At Whole Health Pharmacy, we support you with a Care Team, led by a pharmacist and nurse specially trained in your condition. They’re called your Care Team, because that’s what they do.

Get Support When You Need It

Your Care Team will proactively reach out to you to check in, offer support and guidance, communicate with your doctor and coordinate with others involved in your care.

If you have questions about your medication or your condition, you can also contact your Care Team day or night, any day of the year. Just call the number on your prescription label.

Your Care Team can:
  • Help you manage side effects
  • Remind you when it’s time to refill
  • Help you stay on track
  • Teach you to effectively take your medication
  • Set up injection training or home infusions
  • Check your dosage and medication schedules
  • Get you started with digital tools
  • Answer all of your questions
You'll likely need your Care Team differently at different times. For example, you may have more questions if your doctor changes or adds medications or you’re not feeling your best. Your Care Team is here no matter what your need is related too.

At Whole Health Pharmacy, our pharmacists are trusted health advisors and act as an extension of a patient’s overall care team. That's why we’ve developed a variety of solutions to address key factors that contribute to non-adherence, including: forgetfulness, health literacy, adverse effects and cost. We offer extensive counseling to patients in order to identify and overcome any barriers to adherence. Our dedicated Prior Authorization and Funding teams work to speed the approval process of medications and secure financial assistance for our patients.

Existing Product Support

In addition, our specialty pharmacy services can help you maximize opportunity within your current product portfolio. The services listed below are an example of the ways in which we can support you in this endeavor.
  • Educating patients, pharmacists, physicians, and nurses about the value your product brings to the market.
  • Provide counseling that is intended to avoid adverse events, and if they occur mitigate the impact as quickly as possible.
  • Provide nursing services to ensure that your patients are utilizing the medication in the most appropriate manner to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Monitor compliance and persistency to allow your product the best opportunity for positive outcomes.
  • Proactively manage refills so that the opportunity for positive outcomes is maximized.
  • Provide financial assistance and billing support
Our clinical management strategies allow us to: deliver enhanced outcomes that benefit our manufacturer partners and the market presence of their products.
  • Through analysis of each patients’ medical history and prior therapies.
  • Risk assessment and viability therapeutic recommendations.
  • Development of an individualized care plan for each patient based on our initial risk stratification.
  • Comprehensive ongoing assessments of patient status allows for timely and efficient interventions and physician engagement.
  • Quality assurance program allows program quality and consistency.

Orphan Drug Management

Orphan drugs are pharmaceuticals developed to treat rare diseases or conditions that affect a relatively small number of individuals. As such, drug companies often develop and manufacture these medications in limited quantities to address a public health need rather than for economic benefit.

Whole Health Pharmacy is experienced and effective at managing high-cost medications that are unique to the specialty pharmacy industry. The small group of ultra-high-touch patients and their families that make up the orphan disease space requires individual counseling, which traditional specialty pharmacies are not equipped to handle. Whole Health Pharmacy's unique team infrastructure allows our reimbursement and clinical staff to focus on chronic and orphan diseases while never compromising patient care.


Manufacturers increased emphasis on identifying therapies classified as specialty pharmaceuticals has created a heightened demand for specialty pharmacies to participate in manufacturers' drug-specific adverse event reporting programs.

As the number of patients using specialty pharmaceuticals continues to increase due to recent approvals or expanded indications, it is becoming even more important for the specialty pharmacy industry and manufacturers to create alignment on adverse event reporting.
  • Customized adverse event reporting capabilities allows manufacturer’s to collaborate with our clinical team to develop comprehensive reporting programs that achieve their goals.
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Management techniques to help patients manage adverse events.
  • Our clinicians practicing in specialty pharmacies can educate patients on their specialty disease state and the role of their prescribed specialty pharmaceutical.
  • 24-hour clinical support, which allows for appropriate triage when a patient presents with a severe condition that requires medical attention after hours.
  • Additional communications, such as routine monthly refill calls, requests from a patient to speak to a clinician, and proactive nursing adherence calls provide additional opportunities to identify adverse events.

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