Clinical Management

Whole Health pharmacy centers on the management of treatment medication and treatment of irritable and diverse diseases. At the beginning of a treatment cycle, we study the patient's condition, the type of medicine to be used, and also the insurance plan available.

Our well-trained pharmacy specialist is extensively equipped to help these patients have a simplicity to their treatments. After the treatment review, a workable plan is developed for the treatment of the patient. This treatment plan is made available to the patient to be treated and also the provider of the treatment. This act is to ensure a healthy line of communication between both of them.

How We Can Help

A session for consultation is booked with the Pharmacist before starting the therapy, to make all information known about all treatment protocols and health care plan.

When an injection is involved as part of the medication, training can be arranged with a nurse in the patient's home or a general setting where you are comfortable. You will feel more confident when administering your own medicine through injections.

For reminding patients when to take their medications, we use automated system that can notify you by e-mail, text, or phone calls.
We are dedicated to providing a higher standard of ethical health care for everyone, both for you and your loved ones.

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