Prior Authorization

Prior authorizations are common in specialty pharmacies, since these drugs either require step therapy or are typically higher cost than other medications you may prescribe.

This means that insurance carriers want to closely oversee the prescribing process. Whole Health Pharmacy will do the work to secure the prior authorizations for your patients, easing this burden so that you and your staff can focus on providing quality care.

We have a pharmacist-led team dedicated to managing this process. These individuals have the training and specialized knowledge needed to request the right information from you and your staff. Then we work with the insurance company directly. Our highly-trained Prior Authorization team has the knowledge necessary to complete this paperwork accurately and quickly. This is to ensure your patients receive rapid access to the medications you prescribe.

If the patient can’t afford the cost of their medication, even with drug coverage from their insurance company, we will assist the patient to find out whether they qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and foundations.

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